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Commitment to the Environment

"The Little Stream Bakery is unparalleled in quality and integrity when it comes to wholesome breads and baked goods. Their practices are true to the historic methodologies of bread making and their use of organic ingredients results in a superior product. Long before genetically modified and artificial ingredients were a major concern, they have always used local and natural ingredients, including a unique sourdough starter, which has been in the sustained in the Ottawa Valley for 50+ years. Little Stream Bakery’s practices are sustainable for our planet, and also our health, it’s the only bread I consume!”

 - Elizabeth Papadopoulos  BSc, CNP, ROHP, Founder, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition

Little Stream Bakery is a Canadian based small business with environmental integrity. From the beginning, Little Stream has been a leader and innovator in the natural foods sector. It has always been an organic bakery, and is still one of the few bakeries in Canada to use only sourdough starter, with no yeast added to any breads. All Little Stream breads are vegan. 

Walking the Walk: 

Little Stream Bakery contributes to environmental groups committed to creating a healthy planet, with a particular focus on the local Tay Valley watershed.

Little Stream cares about leaving as small an energy footprint as possible. Solar panels are in place to generate electricity and heat water, and deliveries are made with fuel-efficient minivans. Both Little Stream buildings are repurposed after long usage by other local businesses; the gluten free bakery is part of the former  Brown Shoe office building, and the Glen Tay location was once a small independent dairy. 

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