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Gluten Free Bakery

Gluten Free Breads are all about making Organic Sourdough Bread from whole foods, with no added fillers. Our breads are dense, moist and cake-like, without sugar. This makes them easier to digest than most gluten free loaves, while giving you lots of nutrients.
Here is our Selection :
You can order our Gluten Free breads, 12 at a time through our website, or purchase at Natural Food Stores across Ontario.
We are very confident we can maintain a gluten-free standard of under 10 ppm by following strict protocols. We separate equipment with very thorough clean outs of the only production room, used on separate days. We have, in the past, made both our traditional and gluten-free line in the one bakery. In those 10 years of doing so, we demonstrated with testing that we could maintain the 10 ppm and under gluten free standard. We are confident we can do that again with even stricter protocols.
There are many positives that will come from this change such as all our breads will be once again made in our wood fired oven. This means a much smaller carbon footprint than the current gas oven at the gluten-free bakery. We look forward to be using sustainably harvested local fuel for all of our breads again!
You can also expect the same high nutritional and ecological standards from our full line of breads as you have before.

Please note that our breads should always be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Thank you to our customers, your understanding and support,
Graham Beck
Little Stream Bakery
At home at Little Stream Bakery, we have built a solid reputation for our integrity in many aspects of health and ecology. As a certified organic producer, we are familiar with the location, provenance and inventory of our products. This experience is easily transposed to the production of gluten-free foods. We are a small, low turnover company and our experienced, mature and conscientious staff understands the importance of paying attention to detail. We are 11 full-time employees with an average of 9 years of experience and 5 part-time employees with an average of 6 years of experience. The owner / founder of Little Stream Bakery, Graham Beck maintains a regular presence in production.
The rules we follow to maintain a gluten-free integration:
1) SOURCE OF GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS - Little Stream buys certified Gluten-Free buckwheat, rice, millet, quinoa, sprouted chickpea flour for our breads.
2) LEVAINS: Little Stream breads are leavened with sourdough culture, a mix of flour and water allowed to ferment in a controlled way. For gluten free breads this involves mixing a ferment made from rice flour, millet or buckwheat and water. This gives the bread a deeper more complex flavour and makes the bread easier to digest as the starches and bran are partially broken down. Sourdough culture is incorporated into the dough and allowed to rise for 18 plus hours. The rising process releases valuable nutrients. True sourdough breads like Little Stream's have a lower glycemic index than their yeast bread counterparts. 
No baker's yeast is allowed on Little Stream premises, because its organisms can compromise the sourdough culture and its nutritional qualities
3) EMPLOYEES: Dedicated Employees Make Consistently Good Bread. Little Stream is a small, low turnover company. The experienced and conscientious staff, some with over 20 years service, understand the importance of paying attention to detail.  As a certified organic producer, Little Stream tracks the origin, provenance and inventory of all ingredients. This experience is easily transposed to the requirements of producing gluten-free breads. Owner/founder Graham Beck works in production as well as administration.