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History of Little Stream

Graham Beck has deep roots in the sustainability and organic movements. Graham grew his passion for fermentation in the early 1980’s with an informal invitation to bake sour dough bread, in the home kitchen of Poppy Weaver - co founder of The Green Door Restaurant. He began Little Stream Bakery in rural Ottawa Valley Ontario in 1992, to produce artisan organic breads leavened with an old Ottawa Valley sourdough starter. 
From the beginning, the breads were focused on traditional grains from local sources: Spelt, Kamut and Rye. Little Stream Bakery still purchases all of it’s Spelt and Rye from the same farm as it did 26 years ago - Merrylynd Organics in Peterborough ON.
Early on he found there were steady requests for gluten free options. Graham was making gluten free rice loaf in 1993 but really grew the gluten free line of breads in in the early 2000’s. Graham opened a dedicated gluten free production facility in 2017. 
His philosophy has inspired an extraordinary array of breads and pastries which are sold all over eastern Canada and northeastern US.
He is an advocate for fermented foods, which he defines as “ traditional foods that are more easily digestible and bio-available with deeper and richer flavours ”. He also enjoys making his own kombucha, yogurt, sauerkraut and other lactic ferments.