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Organic Quality

"Certified organic" means that for a minimum of three years before and during the production of the crop, no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are applied.

Certification is done by independent organisations* that set organic agricultural standards and monitor farm practices. For instance, the agencies which certify our ingredients not only prohibit the application of chemicals to the crops, they also prohibit irradiation and the use of genetically engineered seed.

The certification also guarantees that each of the ingredients of our bread can be traced back to the farmer who grew the item, creating a system of accountability which is not present in the mass produced food market. At Little Stream we like to remember that organic farming involves the maintenance of a living soil. The farmer must nourish and keep the health of the soil with the same attitude that he or she applies to the crops and animals which feed from that soil.

The Bakery is certified by:
Pro-Cert Organic System
P.O Box 74, 2311 Elm Tree Road
Cambray, ON K0M 1E0
Phone: 705-374-5602