Climate Change

Be more than talk
Act on Climate Change as we did with Covid.
Act with hope, love & connection.

Clearly for the most part, we doing far too little too late. I have owned and operated a green business for 29 years - Little Stream Bakery - and been environmentally active 10 years before that. Scientists have being warning us about climate change  (formerly called global warming) for at least 33 years but we have done very little. I remember going to protest at Parliament Hill related to a George Bush visit in Ottawa 2004, where I talked with a  radical environmentalist activist friend, about what our hope was regarding serious action on “global warming“.  He said “there is not much hope really but just maybe we will be like the mother that finds the strength to pull the door of her burning car to save her child“ — i.e when we are truly desperate and the danger is in our face, we will act radically. I had hoped Greta Thunberg was the child sounding the cry ...but sadly so far very little response.
One hope is our overall unified correct response to Covid. It seems 80% of the population has agreed that when we are under threat, from an unseen virus, we should come together and listen to the science to protect ourselves and especially the most vulnerable. Indeed with Covid in Canada there has been a remarkable cooperation between political parties and political jurisdictions. SO how do we harness that healthy response to Covid to the much bigger reality and threat of Climate change? Climate change will almost absolutely kill more people — if not already — than Covid ever will based on solid science.
Thus we would do well in promoting radical action on Climate change action, to clearly link it to our much more appropriate response to Covid. The link being, listening then acting on the scientific consensus on an urgent global threat in both cases. That is a logical left side brain perspective. 
On the soul/feeling/right brain side, we would do well to find ways to get ourselves off our screens and out more into nature —  the gardens, water fields and forests — to feel her healing energy and listen to what she has to offer if we just slow down. We are so disconnected from nature and need to address this — for the motivation to help/heal her to be enduring and committed. Action based on love and connection is much more enduring action based on fear !
Finally a little note on the word radical: it does not mean extreme views, in it’s latin origins ”radix“ it means ”root” and hence root of the problem in the above usage.
- Graham Beck