Politique d'expédition

Direct to Home Ordering for  Ontario

Order Saturday before 12 pm - Tuesday shipping. (Wednesday - Thursday delivery)

To order 12 gluten free bread or more: Order Here

• Choose the Flat Rate ship options and your shipment will be sent via FedEx Ground. This is for 4 - 12 bread orders.    

• Please note, orders can take one, up to two days for delivery depending on location. 

Direct to Home Ordering for  - Northern Ontario

Order by noon Saturday for following week shipping

Please note, orders being shipped outside our two day zone will incur the full courier air charge for delivery. Please select over night or priority shipping when checking out. Other rates do not get the bread to you in a timely manor

If ordering 12 bread or more: Order Here

We have DISCONTINUED Direct to Home Ordering to provinces outside Ontario & to the US.

We discontinued the Intra-provincial and US service because the logistics and low volume sales have made it not cost-effective.


Shelf Life of Bread

Remember to subtract 1-2 days for shipping:

  • 6 days at room temperature
  • 3 weeks if refrigerated
  • 4 months if frozen

All breads are sent fresh.

All breads come sliced. Please contact us if you want any of your bread unsliced.